/// M 3 E v o l u t i o n

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Rom updates are always free to those that have donated.

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Latest verision: R1502 including patch for New D99Plus units built after August 2012

 * If you already have R150 theres no need to upgrade as the ROM is identical.  I only corrected a minor spelling error on the flash splash screen in R1502.


- Touchscreen works on all units including new units built after August 2012 aka D99Plus
- Fast and stable with V6 Script baked in

- New Car Widget for easy access to main apps
- Gingerbread Launcher
- Tasker for automation and running scripts
- File explorer
- Pandora with no commercial and unlimited skips
- Updated all Google apps up to 06-24-2012
- Removed some system apps that are not needed to free up more memory

The below configuration is optional. The ROM will run fine with standard sdcard.

- Automatic Swap on memory

(Sdcard needs to have 3 partitions: 1st partition FAT, 2nd partition ext2, 3rd partition swap)
The Dynavin only has 256mb of Ram and most of it is used up by Android OS.
With Swap on it frees up the memory the system can use.